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Step 1 - Install Real Producer

The Community Media Association runs a Helix Universal server, this provides our uses with the ability to stream in the RealMedia format, this also includes video. The Real Media format provides excellent cross platform compatibility with Real player being available for most operating systems, if you can't find the appropriate player for your sytem then please look here;

Real Legacy Software Archive

You can stream to this server from various platforms including Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

Download the appropriate encoding software for your system from here

You will need to fill out a form on the Real website before you can download their software. Once this has been filled out you will then be taken to the download page. There are a number of locations to download from - please select most appropriate for your location. A pop up box will appear with "Click to commence download of RealNetworks Product" in it. Click this link to commence your download and save to a suitable location.

Once you have downloaded the application, double click the file to start the installation wizard. You will need to agree to the licence terms and follow on-screen instructions to complete installation (the default options should suffice). When finished launch application.

Step 2 - Configure Real Software

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Enter server configuration options -NOTE: port is now 8080

Within your real software, go to the File Menu and select "Add server destination"

Input the details send via email:

  • Destination Name: CMA
  • Stream Name: your_streamname.rm
  • Broadcast Method: Push, Account-Based Login (Helix Server)
  • Server Address: our server address
  • Path (Optional):
  • Port/Port Range: 8080
  • Transport: UDP
  • Username: your_username
  • Password: your_password

NOTE: The port number has changed, and is now 8080

Where your_streamname.rm, our server address, your_username and your_password are supplied by us via email.

Click OK to return to the main screen. From here you can select your audio device (and video device if you have one available).

Step 3 - Connecting to your stream

To listen to your live stream the link from your website would be:

(where your_streamname.rm is the filename of your live stream). This URL can also be copied into the location bar of your browser.

Alternatively you can advise your listeners to copy this link into RealPlayer:


where they can hear your broadcast.

You can link from your website to your live stream by using a metafile. To create a metafile:

- in Notepad create a file containing the following text:


- now save the file using the "Save as type 'All Files (*.*)'" option. This is important. You can name this metafile file whatever you want but the filename must end in ".ram" e.g. filename.ram.

- this metafile file should then be transferred using FTP to the webserver where your website is located. Within your website a link should be created which points to the metafile (filename.ram in this case) on the server like this:

Click here to listen to our live stream</A>

That should be sufficient to create the webcast link.