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"butt" - short for "broadcast using this tool" is an excellent cross-platform program for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Supporting both ShoutCast and IceCast streaming, butt provides a simple and clean interface across operating system platforms.

Developed by Daniel Noethen, who generously has released the code as open source.

The latest version of butt is available to download from SourceForge - here.

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When you install and run "butt" for the first time, you should be presented with a window like above.

Configuring your stream

When you start "butt" the first time, it will create a default config in your home directory. In order to connect to server, you need to add a new server in the "butt settings" config window.

1.) Click on [Settings] in the main panel, this will open the "butt settings" panel.

2.) In the newly opened "butt settings" panel click on [ADD].

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In the image above you can see where to perform action 1.) and 2.).

You are now ready to fill in the input fields with the server data.

You will be presented with a new panel called "Add Server" like below.

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To add your Canstream icecast radio stream to the "Add Server" panel - you will require your streaming login info supplied by Canstream by email when you signed up to our service -

3.) Select Icecast from the first option.

4.) Enter your stream name into the "Name" field - this would usually be your radio station name i.e GreatFM 101.3 fm

5.) Canstream will have supplied your IP address that your we stream your station from - please enter this in the "Address" field - an IP address is the format for example.

6.) Enter the port number supplied by Canstream into the "Port" field. This is usually the value - 8000.

7.) Enter your password supplied by Canstream into the "Password" field.

8.) Enter your mountpoint supplied by Canstream into the "Mountpoint" field. Your mountpoint usually takes the format of greatfm.mp3 for example

Using for example the test server info mentioned above you should now have the following -

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Adding Stream Infos (stream metadata) is not necessary for connecting to a server.

By clicking on the [Save Settings] button, butt will save all changes you have made.

"butt" will remind you about unsaved changes when you close it.


To start streaming just click the [play] button. butt will try to connect to the server until you press the stop button.

You can change the audio settings (bitrate, channels) while you are streaming. (Works only for mp3)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to update the Stream Infos while streaming. You need to reconnect for updating the Stream Infos.

However, you can update the current song on the fly. You only need to type the song into the {Song Name} input field at the [Stream] tab and press [OK].

butt can also update the song automatically from a textfile. The first line of the textfile must be the name of the song. As soon as butt detects that the file has been changed it updates the name of the song on the server. A plugin for the amarok audio player can be found in the player_plugins/ directory. Don't hesitate to write a plugin for other audio players. Just mail them to me and I'll add them to the butt package. :-)


butt is able to record and stream simultaneously - in different bitrates. For example you can stream with 96kbit and record with 192kbit.

To record you need to select the destination folder and specify a filename in the [Rec] tab. butt will replace the variables %d, %m and %y with the current day, month and year. e.g. "rec_(%m_%d_%y).mp3" → "rec_(03_28_2008).mp3".

With the %i variable you can add an index number to your filename. This means with rec_%i.mp3 butt first tries to open rec_0.mp3. If that file already exists, butt tries rec_1.mp3 and so on…

If the [start rec. when connected] checkbox is activated butt starts the recording immediately after being connected to a server.

If this checkbox is deactivated butt only starts recording when pressing the [rec] button.

To stop recording simply click on the [record] button again.

butt supports recording in mp3 and ogg and wav. When recording to wav the stream and record samplerates are linked together.

Display / User Interface


The [>] symbol shines yellow if butt is connected to a server.

The [O] symbol shines orange if the [start rec. when connected] checkbox is activated. The [O] symbol shines red if butt is currently recording.

You can toggle the Info on butts display by clicking the left mouse button

The display colors can be changed in the GUI tab of the settings menu