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A favicon is an icon that is displayed in the web browser address bar and the Favourites / Bookmarks (same thing but different name depending on your browser). In versions of Internet Explorer previous to IE7 favicons were only displayed upon adding to Favourites. The image to the left shows the default "Canstream" favicon. This can be changed to whatever you require.

There is plenty of software available to create your favicon, some of which is listed in the Open Directory Project. The process of changing the favicon on the podcasting platform involves replacing the default favicon with your personalised once. The default favicon (the stylised blue Canstream "C") which needs replacing is located at:


In order to replace this you first need to log into the podcast FPT account. A good Open Source FTP client is FileZilla. The required username, password and URL would have been send to you once you registered for Podcasting with Canstream. The first part of the path you need to go to in the FTP path ".templates" is a hidden folder.

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With FileZilla you can view hidden files by ticking View > Show hidden files. For other FTP clients please see the documentation. Once you are in the .templates folder go into the favicons folder where you should see the current default favicon.ico and upload your new favicon to replace it.