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Conference 2016



Wiki for Canstream

Giving help and advice to users of the CMA Canstream Services.

To webcast with the CMA at our discounted rate you must be an Organisation Member. The next step is to complete the webcast registration form here

Live Streaming

Mp3 streaming - how to guide

Stream with mac

Streaming with B.U.T.T. - a cross-platform broadcasting tool

Linking to your stream

Trouble shooting - How to confirm that you have a connection to the streaming server Check_stream

Getting your webcast working Troubleshooting common problems

Real streaming - how to guide

How to convert from any format to WAV, MP3 or Ogg

Opening the winamp oddcast plugin

ALISA Automated LISten Again

alisa instructions


Podcast introduction

Upload to podcast platform

Embed YouTube video into podcast

Encode to Flash so that you can post video content

Podcasting how-to

Using PodHawk


Change favicon

How To - desktop videos

These are large, full screen videos. If not viewed in full screen the quality may suffer due to re-sizing. To put your browser in and out of full screen mode, press F11 (works with IE and Firefox).

Install "Producer" for REAL streaming

Configuring Real Producer

Subscribing to, and managing, podcasts

Have a look at the sites we are bookmarking at our page

Independent Radio News Irn

Useful CMA Links

General Streaming Links