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Optionally with Listen Again service you can set-up a subdomain.

To configure a sub-domain for "Your Station 101fm" for example - This will require you to create a sub-domain to point to - this is an 'A' record that you will be setting up via your domain's Control Panel. Please note your subdomain (i.e podcasts in the the above url) can be anything you like such as listenagain, catalouge, etc i.e

Instructions for setting up an A record with and are listed below. If you mange your domain with another provider you should find instructions on setting up A records with themselves in the help / support section of their website.,6

When you have set up the sub-domain, drop us an email confirm you have created a the A record and we with update our systems to reflect the changes. You should then be able to access your Listen Again website at your custom sub-domain.